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Patient Discretion and Confidentiality Policy

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At Valley Springs Recovery Center, we understand that privacy extends beyond confidentiality policies and secure data storage. It’s about creating an environment that physically and symbolically preserves your privacy, giving you the space you need to focus on your recovery. That’s why our facility is purposefully designed to be discrete and prioritize your confidentiality and comfort from the moment you step in.

Private Entrance

Our Center features a private entrance discreetly located away from the hustle and bustle of the main street. This separate entrance enhances privacy by providing a quiet, unassuming arrival and departure point. It’s distanced from public view, enabling you to enter and exit the facility with ease and comfort, and without any undue attention. This subtle yet vital feature is an embodiment of our commitment to making your journey with us as personal and private as you need it to be.

Exclusive Parking

We understand that confidentiality begins even before you step into our Center. Our facility boasts a private parking lot, exclusively for the use of our clients.

Our parking area is well-maintained and securely monitored, offering an added level of comfort and peace of mind. The strategic location and the design of the parking lot ensure that your comings and goings remain as discreet as you want them to be.

Hours Of Operation

We have night time outpatient group counseling tailored around professionals in the workforce. If your schedule is demanding and you are not able to leave work to attend treatment, our night time professionals outpatient program may be a great fit for you.

Privacy as a Priority

The careful thought we’ve put into the physical layout of our Center – from the private entrance to the secluded parking lot – is a testament to our dedication to your privacy. These design elements are not merely conveniences; they are critical components of the confidential, supportive environment we strive to create at Valley Springs Recovery Center.

In essence, our facility’s design underscores our understanding of the deep interconnections between the physical space, personal privacy, and successful recovery. With every step you take within our Center, you can rest assured that your privacy is preserved, your confidentiality respected, and your recovery journey prioritized above all. At Valley Springs Recovery Center, you are in a space designed to facilitate healing and foster trust.

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