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New Jersey Drug Rehab Blog: Addiction News and Updates

Reclassification of Marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III: A Treatment Provider Perspective

In a significant move, the Biden administration has reclassified marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule III substance, representing a major shift in both medical and legal frameworks. According to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 48.2 million Americans used marijuana in 2019, indicating its widespread use and the…

Legal Drugs in New Jersey Marijuana Laws Explained

Legal Drugs in New Jersey: Marijuana Laws Explained

Understanding the legal status of marijuana in New Jersey is critical whether you’re a consumer, medical patient, or business owner. New Jersey law permits both recreational and medical marijuana use, governed by comprehensive regulations that address everything from possession limits to commercial sales. Dive into this article to unpack the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement…

New Jersey Drug Laws and Policies

New Jersey Drug Laws And Policies

According to the New Jersey Controlled Dangerous Substances Law, revised as of February 27, 2019, the state maintains a comprehensive framework for regulating controlled substances. With a focus on enforcement, penalties, and public safety, these laws aim to combat drug abuse and ensure adherence to legal standards. The legislation outlines provisions for law enforcement engagement,…

AA Meetings IN Bergen County New Jersey

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings In Bergen County

A list of alcoholics anonymous meetings in Bergen County New Jersey is listed below. You can sort the table by town, time, or type and you can also type any of those things into the search bar to find a meeting you are looking for. All requests for meeting changes must be submitted through the…

Matthew Perry addiction Recovery Story

Matthew Perry’s Battle with Addiction: A Journey of Resilience and Recovery

Matthew Perry, best known for his iconic role as Chandler Bing in the hit TV show “Friends,” has been open about his struggles with addiction. While his on-screen persona often provided comic relief, Perry’s off-screen life was marred by a series of challenges related to substance abuse. Matt battled with addiction but also offered insights…

Canada To Legalize Medically Assisted Dying For Drug Addicts

Canada to Legalize Medically Assisted Dying for Drug Addicts

Canada has recently announced its intention to expand the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)also referred to as Assisted Suicide laws next spring, to include individuals who are addicted to drugs and other mental health conditions like depression and anorexia. This proposed change has stirred up a range of reactions, with some labeling the move as…

Sober Up, Hangover cures

9 Tips to Sober Up Fast And Cure A Hangover

Have you ever wished there was a magic potion or a secret trick to help you sober up quickly after a night of indulging in a few too many drinks? Unfortunately, the truth is that there’s no fast track to sobriety. The good news, however, is that understanding “how to sober up fast” and following…

New Jersey Amplifies Harm-Reduction Efforts with Seven Additional Centers In 2024

New Jersey is taking a monumental step in combating substance abuse by doubling the number of full-service harm-reduction centers across the state. This initiative aims to provide more comprehensive services to individuals struggling with substance-use disorders. What is Harm Reduction For Addiction? Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing…


Valley Spring Recovery Center Awarded Accreditation from The Joint Commission And CARF

PRESS RELEASE Valley Spring Recovery Center has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for its comprehensive outpatient treatment programs by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. The Gold Seal is a symbol of quality that reflects a health care organization’s commitment to providing safe and quality patient care. They are also proud…

Sober October

Sober October: A Time For New beginnings

Introduction Sober October is not merely a catchy phrase; it represents a growing movement focused on abstaining from alcohol and other substances for the month of October. As the transition from summer fun to holiday celebrations begins, October presents an opportune moment to recalibrate and reassess one’s relationship with substances. The concept of Sober October…

Valley-Spring new jersey drug rehab

Valley Spring Recovery Center Announces Rebrand From Psyclarity Health NJ

PRESS RELEASE Published August 8, 2023 BERGEN COUNTY, NJ – Valley Spring Recovery Center, formerly known as Psyclarity Health New Jersey, today unveiled its new name and brand identity, signaling a new era for the organization. Valley Spring Recovery Center’s rebranding reflects its patient-first approach and commitment to compassionate, innovative care for those battling substance use…

Addiction Treatment Program Sobriety Fist Bump

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery in Addiction Recovery: Embracing a New You

Addiction recovery is more than a journey away from substance abuse; it is a profound path toward personal growth and self-discovery. These essential components serve as the building blocks for a transformative healing experience. Personal growth refers to the process of enhancing one’s self-awareness, developing talents, and building human capital. It’s about recognizing personal potential,…

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