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Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings In Bergen County

A list of alcoholics anonymous meetings in Bergen County New Jersey is listed below. You can sort the table by town, time, or type and you can also type any of those things into the search bar to find a meeting you are looking for.

All requests for meeting changes must be submitted through the Intergroup Office, (908) 687-8566, Monday-Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm. Once the Office has been updated the changes will be reflected on the Website. If you have questions concerning changes, e-mail: [email protected]

To update meeting information on our website, please use this Meeting Update Form.

Frequently Asked Questions about AA Meetings in Bergen County

1. What are AA Meetings?

  • AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings are gatherings where individuals who struggle with alcoholism come together to share their experiences, strength, and hope. The goal is to help each other achieve and maintain sobriety.

2. Who can attend AA Meetings in Bergen County?

  • AA meetings are open to anyone who has a desire to stop drinking. Some meetings are open to everyone, while others are closed and only for those who have a drinking problem.

3. What types of AA Meetings are available in Bergen County?

  • Bergen County offers various types of meetings, including Open, Closed, Discussion, Speaker, Big Book, Beginner, and more. Each type has a different focus and format.

4. Do I need to register before attending a meeting?

  • No, registration is not typically required for AA meetings. You can simply show up at the scheduled time and location.

5. Is there a cost to attend an AA Meeting?

  • There are no fees for AA membership or to attend meetings. However, voluntary contributions are often collected to cover expenses like rent and literature.

6. What can I expect at my first AA Meeting?

  • Expect a welcoming environment where members share their experiences. You’re not required to speak if you don’t feel comfortable. Listening to others is a significant first step.

7. How can I find an AA Meeting in Bergen County?

  • Use the provided sortable table on our website to find meetings by day, time, location, and type.

How to Use the Sortable Table for Finding AA Meetings

1. How do I find a meeting for a specific day?

  • Simply click on the “Day” column header to sort the meetings by days of the week.

2. Can I find meetings at a particular time?

  • Yes, click on the “Time” column header to sort the meetings by their start times.

3. How do I search for meetings in my town?

  • Click on the “Town” column header to sort the table by town names.

4. Is there a way to identify the type of meeting?

  • Yes, by clicking on the “Type” column, you can sort meetings by their type, like Open, Closed, Big Book, etc.

5. How do I know the location of each meeting?

  • The “Location” column provides the address or venue of the meeting. Sort or scroll through this column to find a convenient location.

6. What if I need more details about a specific meeting?

  • Additional information can be found under the “Details” column, which may include specific instructions or notes about the meeting.

Remember, the table is interactive and designed to help you easily navigate through the information to find the AA meetings that best suit your needs and schedule in Bergen County.

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