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Lodi Drug Rehab Center

Lodi Drug Rehab Center

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Addiction Treatment Lodi, New Jersey

Serving Lodi in Bergen County, New Jersey, Valley Spring Recovery Center is a private drug and alcohol rehab center with an unwavering commitment to treating drug addiction and related mental health issues. We offer a wide array of custom-tailored addiction treatment programs designed with the highest standards of personalized care. Each client at our facility from Lodi, New Jersey, benefits from a confidential, one-of-a-kind treatment plan that couples proven scientific methods with compassionate care. Our multi-disciplinary approach hinges on the core values of empowerment, collaboration, and innovation, laying a solid foundation for recovery that endures. The focus of our addiction treatment extends beyond achieving mere sobriety; we strive for complete mental and emotional well-being. Our integrative treatment model includes evidence-based practices along with holistic methods like mindfulness and nutrition, aiming to fortify mental resilience against the likelihood of relapse.


In Garden State, quality addiction and mental health treatment is not just a promise but a reality. If you or a loved one are in need, Valley Spring Recovery Center in Bergen County, specifically Lodi, New Jersey, stands ready to serve the entire state.

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Lodi Drug Rehab Center
Lodi Drug Rehab Center

Sober Activities In Lodi, New Jersey

Lodi, New Jersey is a borough located in Bergen County, known for its diverse demographics and bustling community. It holds a rich history, incorporated in 1894 from portions of the now-gone Lodi Township, and offers a variety of parks, eateries, and shopping spots for residents and visitors. Lodi also enjoys some fame as the setting of the popular HBO television series, “The Sopranos.”

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Recovery Resources In Lodi, New Jersey

AA Meetings

Sunday 6:00 PM Lodi (Agnostic) (REOPENED) Faith Reformed Church, 95 Washington Street Open Speaker Discussion
Sunday 6:30 PM Lodi (TEMP CANCELLED) Faith Reformed Church, 95 Washington Street (Living Sober) Open Discussion
Thursday Noon Lodi (REOPENED) Faith Reformed Church, 95 Washington Street Open Speaker Discussion

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Addiction Statistics Lodi, New Jersey

Lodi Drug and Alcohol Rehab Statistics

Lodi, a vibrant community known for its diverse population and bustling neighborhoods, has also grappled with substance abuse challenges. According to the Substance Use Overview data from Bergen County, there were a total of 149 occurrences related to drug addiction in Lodi in the year under review.

A Closer Look at Substance Use Disorder Admissions

Digging into the specifics of these statistics, it becomes evident that Lodi faced a multifaceted array of substance use issues. Notably, heroin and cocaine/crack were among the primary drugs of choice, leading to 60 and 18 admissions, respectively. Other opiates and marijuana/hashish also played significant roles in addiction treatment, with 43 and 20 admissions, respectively.

The Role of Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Lodi

The presence of these statistics underscores the crucial role played by drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Lodi. These facilities are vital in providing the necessary support and resources for individuals battling substance dependency. The dedicated professionals and comprehensive programs offered by Lodi’s rehab centers are instrumental in helping residents on their journey to recovery. Lodi’s commitment to addressing the diverse range of substance abuse challenges within its community highlights its proactive approach to health and well-being.

NJ 2022 Addiction Treatment Admission Statistics

Meet Our Recovery Team

The treatment team at Valley Spring Recovery Center is comprised of our Psychiatrist, licensed clinicians, nurse practitioners and peer recovery specialists that aid in the recovery process.


Samantha Miller
Office Manager

Samantha Miller

Zach Puzo
Lead Clinician

Zach Puzo

Community Outreach

James Sands

Laura Schneider

Laura Schneider

Alvin McCarthy

Alvin McCarthy

Dr Michael Olla, Medical Director of Valley Spring Recovery Center, drug rehab in new jersey
Medical Director

Dr. Michael Olla

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