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Drug Rehab In Nanuet

Drug Rehab In Nanuet, New York

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Addiction Treatment Nanuet, New York

Valley Spring Recovery Center, prominently serving the Nanuet community in Rockland County, New York, offers specialized mental health and addiction treatment services. Our commitment to the Nanuet area is unwavering, as we recognize the unique needs of those seeking help within this community. We understand the challenges faced by individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues in Nanuet, and our services are designed to provide effective, accessible care.

For residents of Nanuet, our center is a beacon of hope, offering a range of treatment programs that are custom-tailored to each individual. Our treatment options are versatile, including both in-person sessions at our facility and remote consultations through our advanced telehealth platform. This flexibility ensures that every individual in Nanuet has access to our services, regardless of their circumstances.

Key Features of Our Services for Nanuet Residents:

Personalized Care Plans: We believe that each journey to recovery is unique. Our expert team works closely with our Nanuet patients to develop personalized treatment plans that address both addiction and underlying mental health concerns.

Comprehensive Treatment Options: Our services include a wide array of therapeutic modalities, from traditional counseling and psychotherapy to innovative treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). We also incorporate holistic approaches like mindfulness training and nutritional guidance to support overall well-being.

Telehealth Services: Understanding the busy lifestyles and varying needs of our patients in Nanuet, we offer telehealth services that provide flexibility and convenience, allowing individuals to access treatment from the comfort of their homes.

Community Support: We foster a sense of community and support, essential for recovery. Our group therapy sessions and support groups are designed to create a network of support among peers from Nanuet and neighboring areas.

Continuity of Care: Post-treatment support is crucial for sustained recovery. We provide ongoing care and aftercare planning to ensure our Nanuet clients continue to thrive even after completing their treatment programs.

Accessibility and Convenience: Located within easy reach for those in Nanuet, our facility is designed to be a calm and welcoming space, conducive to healing and recovery.

Valley Spring Recovery Center is more than just a treatment facility; it’s a place where individuals from Nanuet can find the help they need to reclaim their lives from addiction and mental health challenges. Reach out to us for comprehensive, compassionate, and effective care tailored to the specific needs of the Nanuet community.


In Garden State, quality addiction and mental health treatment is not just a promise but a reality. If you or a loved one are in need, Valley Spring Recovery Center in Rockland County, specifically Nanuet, New York, stands ready to serve the entire state.

Your path to recovery starts here.

Drug Rehab In Nanuet
Drug Rehab In Nanuet

Sober Activities In Nanuet, New York

Nanuet, New York is a small but bustling suburban hamlet located in Rockland County. Known for its award-winning schools, high-quality shopping centers, and easy access to major highways, it ranks among the best places to live in the state. Rich in both history and natural beauty, Nanuet offers a comfortable and safe atmosphere alongside convenient city amenities.

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Recovery Resources In Nanuet, New York

AA Meetings

Sunday9:30 am Sober Sisters Virtual Women Sober Sisters
Online 25 Smith St #109 Nanuet
Sunday10:00 am Live & Let Live LGBT+ Foundations Recovery Community Center
In-person and Online 25 Smith St # 101 Nanuet
Sunday2:30 pm Big Book Meeting St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church 36 W Nyack Rd Nanuet
Monday7:00 pm West Nyack Hybrid St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church
In-person and Online 36 W Nyack Rd Nanuet
Tuesday6:30 pm Rockland Freethinkers Foundations Recovery Community Center 25 Smith St #107 Nanuet
Friday7:00 pm Sober Sisters Virtual Women Sober Sisters
Online 25 Smith St #109 Nanuet
Saturday7:00 pm West Nyack Hybrid St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church
In-person and Online 36 W Nyack Rd Nanuet

NA Meetings

Addiction Statistics Nanuet, New York

Nanuet, with its bustling commercial areas, is not immune to the broader trends of substance use disorders within Rockland County. The county’s report indicates a decline in DWI arrests, which may reflect a downward trend in alcohol-related driving offenses in Nanuet, considering its integrated position within the county.

NJ 2022 Addiction Treatment Admission Statistics

Meet Our Recovery Team

The treatment team at Valley Spring Recovery Center is comprised of our Psychiatrist, licensed clinicians, nurse practitioners and peer recovery specialists that aid in the recovery process.


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Samantha Miller

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Dr Michael Olla, Medical Director of Valley Spring Recovery Center, drug rehab in new jersey
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