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Drug Rehab In Pomona

Drug Rehab In Pomona, New York

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Addiction Treatment Pomona, New York

Located right on the edge of Rockland County, New Jersey, Valley Spring Recovery Center is a premier private drug rehabilitation facility, offering exceptional addiction treatment services to those in Pomona, New York. Our center is recognized for its confidential, high-quality substance use and mental health outpatient services. Tailored to each individual’s needs, our innovative and personalized care approach is at the core of what we do.

At Valley Spring, we’re not just about treating addiction; we’re about transforming lives. Our approach combines compassion with empowerment, and accountability with collaboration, ensuring a holistic journey towards enduring recovery. Our comprehensive treatment spectrum ranges from initial detoxification to thorough aftercare planning. Our team of certified professionals is committed to delving deep into the underlying causes of addiction, providing a path to long-term healing and wellness. Dedicated to the Pomona community, we strive to set a new standard in addiction care and recovery.
Our facility specializes in offering an extensive range of treatment options, from detoxification to aftercare planning. With a dedicated team of certified professionals, we go beyond mere symptom relief to address the root causes of addiction, thereby paving the way for sustainable recovery. We are proud to serve the residents of Pomona.


In Garden State, quality addiction and mental health treatment is not just a promise but a reality. If you or a loved one are in need, Valley Spring Recovery Center in Rockland County, specifically Pomona, New York, stands ready to serve the entire state.

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Drug Rehab In Pomona
Drug Rehab In Pomona

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Pomona, New York is a cozy village nestled in the town of Ramapo in Rockland County with a pleasant rural atmosphere. It’s known for its rich history, beautiful parks, including Patriot Hills Park and the Kennedy Dells County Park, and its tight-knit community. In spite of being a small village, Pomona offers a variety of recreational facilities and a serene yet vibrant lifestyle that attracts families and individuals who like a peaceful living environment.

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Addiction Statistics Pomona, New York

Pomona, as part of Rockland County, is situated within a context where opioid misuse and alcohol-related disorders are of significant concern. The county saw 40 opioid overdose deaths in 2020, marking a rate of 21.8 per 100,000 population. This statistic from the Rockland County Key SUD Indicators report is a stark reminder of the opioid crisis’s presence, which undoubtedly affects Pomona as well.

The statewide perspective provided by the “Addiction Data Bulletin” further enriches our understanding. In New York State, alcohol was the primary substance for 45.9% of all treatment admissions in 2022, which is an increase since 2017. Considering Pomona’s demographics and community profile, it is reasonable to assume that alcohol-related SUDs are a significant part of the town’s public health landscape, requiring ongoing attention and resources.

Furthermore, the bulletin highlights that heroin was the second most common primary substance at admission, with 23.9% of individuals seeking treatment for heroin use. This aligns with the county data, suggesting that heroin and other opioids are likely a major component of SUD treatment admissions from Pomona as well.

NJ 2022 Addiction Treatment Admission Statistics

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The treatment team at Valley Spring Recovery Center is comprised of our Psychiatrist, licensed clinicians, nurse practitioners and peer recovery specialists that aid in the recovery process.


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Office Manager

Samantha Miller

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Lead Clinician

Zach Puzo

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Alvin McCarthy

Dr Michael Olla, Medical Director of Valley Spring Recovery Center, drug rehab in new jersey
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Dr. Michael Olla

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