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Drug Rehab In Ridgefield Park

Drug Rehab In Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

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Addiction Treatment Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Valley Spring Recovery Center, in New Jersey, is dedicated to serving the Ridgefield Park community with exceptional addiction and mental health treatment services. Our center is a short journey from Ridgefield Park, making our comprehensive day and night treatment options, including detoxification and sober living facilities, readily accessible to its residents.

Understanding the specific needs of the Ridgefield Park community, we tailor our approach, combining evidence-based therapies such as medication assistance, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) with holistic methods. This ensures a well-rounded recovery experience, focusing on the individual needs and circumstances of our Ridgefield Park clients.

Emphasizing aftercare, life skills, and relapse prevention, our programs are designed to equip individuals with the tools for long-lasting recovery and resilience. Our experienced medical and clinical directors, though based in nearby Norwood, bring a deep commitment and understanding to the unique needs of those in Ridgefield Park. At Valley Spring Recovery Center, we are not just near you in location; we are fully dedicated to supporting the Ridgefield Park community on the journey to recovery and well-being.

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey DRUG REHAB PROGRAMS

In Garden State, quality addiction and mental health treatment is not just a promise but a reality. If you or a loved one are in need, Valley Spring Recovery Center in Bergen County, specifically Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, stands ready to serve the entire state.

Your path to recovery starts here.

Drug Rehab In Ridgefield Park
Drug Rehab In Ridgefield Park

Sober Activities In Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey is a village in Bergen County, known for being one of only four remaining villages in the state. It has a rich history that dates back to 1685, making it one of the oldest village municipalities in New Jersey. The village, heavily encompassed with residential and small businesses, also hosts an annual Fourth of July Parade, which has been a tradition since 1894, making it one of the longest-running in the United States.

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Recovery Resources In Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

AA Meetings

Monday 6:45 PM Ridgefield Park (Women) (TEMP CANCELLED) Trinity Episcopal Church, 555 Palisade Avenue Open Step

NA Meetings

7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Straight Edge
St. James Episcopal Church
514 Abbott Avenue, Ridgefield, NJ, 07657

Addiction Statistics Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Ridgefield Park Village, with its historic charm and civic pride, faced 55 admissions for drug and alcohol rehab according to the 2022 Substance Use Overview. The addiction treatment centers in Ridgefield Park Village saw heroin as the most common substance leading to treatment, with 15 admissions. The community’s commitment to supporting addiction treatment is evident in these numbers, reflecting the ongoing efforts to aid those struggling with substance dependency.

NJ 2022 Addiction Treatment Admission Statistics

Meet Our Recovery Team

The treatment team at Valley Spring Recovery Center is comprised of our Psychiatrist, licensed clinicians, nurse practitioners and peer recovery specialists that aid in the recovery process.


Samantha Miller
Office Manager

Samantha Miller

Zach Puzo
Lead Clinician

Zach Puzo

Community Outreach

James Sands

Laura Schneider

Laura Schneider

Alvin McCarthy

Alvin McCarthy

Dr Michael Olla, Medical Director of Valley Spring Recovery Center, drug rehab in new jersey
Medical Director

Dr. Michael Olla

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