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How do I know if I need addiction treatment?

Many people struggle with figuring out whether they need addiction treatment. One sign that you may need professional help is if you have tried to quit using drugs or alcohol multiple times but were unable to maintain sobriety for long periods of time. Another red flag is if your substance use has caused negative consequences in your personal relationships, work, or health. If you find yourself unable to control how much or how often you use substances, it’s worth exploring the possibility of seeking treatment. It is also important to consider seeking help if you have a strong desire to cut back on your substance use but are finding it difficult to do so on your own. Remember that seeking assistance is not a sign of weakness – choosing to address your substance use and improve your overall well-being shows strength and courage. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Valley Spring Recovery Center for support as taking the first step toward recovery can lead to a healthier and happier life.

What are the benefits of addiction treatment at Valley Spring Recovery Center?

At Valley Spring Recovery Center, we understand that addiction is a personal battle, and every individual’s path to recovery will be unique. That’s why our addiction treatment programs are designed to be flexible, accommodating each person’s particular needs and goals. Our focus on personal growth allows us to approach treatment from a strengths-based perspective, empowering individuals to take control of their own recovery journey. In addition, our highly trained staff takes a person-centered approach, tailoring therapy and support methods to the specific challenges and individual traits of each person in treatment. When you choose Valley Spring Recovery Center for addiction treatment, you can expect personalized care and support for personal growth on the path toward lasting sobriety.

What is the success rate of addiction treatment at Valley Spring Recovery Center?

The success rate of addiction treatment is not a straightforward statistic, as there are many factors to consider. Some experts argue that successful treatment means being able to sustain long-term sobriety, while others measure success by improvements in various aspects of a person’s life, such as relationships and employment. Additionally, different treatments may have varying levels of effectiveness based on the individual and their specific needs. However, studies have found that around 40-60% of individuals who receive addiction treatment are able to maintain their sobriety for at least one year after completing treatment. It is also important to note that even those who relapse or struggle with maintaining sobriety can still experience significant improvements in quality of life and show progress in their recovery journey. Overall, the success rate of addiction treatment can vary greatly and is not always easy to measure, but there is still hope for those seeking help.

Can Insurance Be Used To Cover Rehab Expenses?

At Valley Spring Recovery Center, we are proud to accept most private and commercial health insurance plans. We believe that addiction treatment should be accessible to all and we make best efforts to contract with insurance providers so you can receive in-network treatment. We also accept insurance on an out of network basis. We strongly encourage you to reach out to our team for a free insurance verification of your benefits and coverage for addiction treatment. Even if your insurance provider is unable to cover our services, we will be here for you. If any of our drug rehab programs are not an option, our admissions team is more than happy to help you in finding a rehab center that can work with your insurance plan.

What Addiction Treatment Programs Do You Offer?

Valley Spring Recovery Center provides an assortment of treatment programs for its patients. They are as follows:

Do You Provide Mental Health Treatment?

Mental health conditions are ailments that impact your mood, way of thinking, and overall behavioral health. At Valley Spring Recovery Center, we treat patients who are afflicted by both mental health issues and co-occurring disorders, like addiction. We offer a dual diagnosis program that is equipped to help individuals with many kinds of mental health issues and addictions.

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