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Michael O'Sullivan

Michael’s career in healthcare marketing, business development, and strategy has culminated in his appointment as the CFO and Business Manager of Valley Spring Recovery. This role aligns seamlessly with his history of success in the industry, demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the lives of individuals dealing with behavioral health challenges.

Having previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Valley Spring Recovery, Michael is well-versed in the center’s mission and values. His tenure witnessed significant strides in becoming a leading provider of substance use and mental health outpatient services. Michael’s expertise in crafting personalized treatment approaches and nurturing a culture of accountability and support equips him perfectly for his new role. Michael now oversees the financial and operational aspects of the center, ensuring that it continues to excel in delivering cutting-edge, compassionate care.

Michael’s experience as a Business Generator and as a Board Member of the Forbes Business Council brings strategic acumen and business insight to his CFO position. His skill set is particularly valuable in today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape. His unwavering dedication to enhancing the healthcare experience and his track record of managing intricate matters make him a trusted leader and visionary, further advancing Valley Spring Recovery’s mission to empower individuals on their journey to lasting recovery. Michael is focused on making the cost of addiction treatment accessible and transparent.

Fun Facts About Michael.

Michael is married with 3 children and has 16 aunts and uncles.

Why do you do what you do?

It’s my life’s mission, because I wouldn’t have the life I do today if someone hadn’t done it for me.